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State of Mind

Originari din Noua Zeelanda, State of Mind este duo-ul format din Stu Maxwell si Patrick Hawkins. Si-au facut intrarea in scena in 2004, si de atunci au devenit unii din cei mai apreciati producatori de drum and bass, cu piese lansate la majoritatea caselor de discuri din spectrul dnb, de la CIA Recordings, Subtitles Records, Technique Recordings, Horizons, Shogun Audio, Viper sau 31 Records, la Uprising, Bad Company sau Black Sun Empire.

Si-au lansat primul album in 2006 la label-ul Uprising ( distribuit prin Universal, fiind primul album dnb din NZ distribuit in reteaua unei case de discuti majore), material intitulat “Take Control” care le-a si adus premiul de “Cei mai bun artisti drum and bass din Noua Zeelanda”, tara aflata in prima linie a scenei de drum and bass mondiale. In plus, au obtinut si o nominalizare la “NZ Music Awards”, premiile industriei muzicale din aceeasi tara. Pe acest album se afla primul lor superhit, SUNKING. Piesa a facut turul scenelor de dans din intreaga lume si a beneficiat de un videoclip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ8Uh1dg1NQ) creat in colaborare cu Aleksander Sakowski.

State Of Mind gazduiesc de 4 ani o emisiune radio dedicata muzicii electronice de dans numita “Next level”, una dintre cele mai apreciate emisiuni in scena de drum and bass mondiala.

Piesele lor sunt apreciate si mixate in concerte de artisti cum sunt Pendulum , High Contrast , Concord Dawn, Black Sun Empire, Doc Scott, Bulletproof, The Upbeats, Klute, Teebee, Matrix, Cyantific, , Bad Company, DJ Friction, Total Science, DJ Craze, Futurebound si multi altii.

In martie 2009 si-au lansat al doilea album, la casa de discuri proprie, SOM, intitulat “Faster than Light”. Pe langa o serie de piese care au devenit hituri in randul comunitatii dnb, pe album se afla hitul “Kinetic” lansat alaturi de TIKI, unul din cei mai apreciati MC din scena muzicala din Noua Zeelanda. Piesa a beneficiat si de un videoclip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcgnTHVxF08).

La casa lor de discuri (SOM) au mai lansat piese artisti ca Black Sun empire, Chris.SU, Mindscape, etc..


Interviu State of Mind pentru Arena dnb

How was State of mind born?
Before we were called State of Mind, when we were just starting to make tunes, we were called something else. The name was shit. We thought we needed a new name and spent ages trying to think of one. Then a TV add comes on for insurance saying something along the lines of "insure with us and have piece of mind". I said to Pat, we need something like that, like a saying like piece of mind. He says what about State of Mind? Boom that was it.

What’s with that part of the world? How big is dnb in New Zeeland? Dnb is pretty popular here. Its prob one of the most popular forms of electronic music. NZ is also really supportive of local talent. We dont look to places like the UK or US for our music of djs. Thats why there are so many producers from here even though we are a tiny country.

Of all your own productions which is a personal favourite and why?
For me probably a tune called 'Back to the Jungle" which we released on Shogun audio a couple of years back. I love its mad techno vibe and its so fast. I dont think there has ever been another dnb tune quite like it.

What artists have impressed you recently? If you’d have the power to sign any upcoming name in the scene, who would that be?
Probably Camo and Krooked. They sent me stuff a few years ago and I have to admit they have really really improved. Now i think their style has matured into one I really relate too, and one that is very original. Hopefully we will get something off them at some stage since we know each other quite well.

Have you ever heard a tune from a Romanian dnb producer?
Sadly no.

What's the best country to DJ in?
Every place has its charms. NZ has awesome crowds, Vienna great energy, Prague is super cool and the women are hot, Japan is just weird but in a good way. Also every gig varies.

You’ve been before in Romania, what was the first impression?
Ive only been the once to Iasi. I had a really great night and the crowd new our tunes. I wasnt sure if they would!

Have you heard anything about the Bucharest dnb scene?
With living so far away I dont know a lot. Hopefully in a few weeks i get to see the best that it has too offer...I hear Bucharest in general is a really vibing place so I cant wait to get over.

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